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Fairfield Primary

Our Inspiring Learning Projects Curriculum

Our Learning Challenge Curriculum is full of exciting learning opportunities for the children.






Ourselves, Pets, Celebrations

Traditional tales, Around the World

Dinosaurs, Superheroes

Books studied:

Secret Life of Pets, The Nativity

Sleeping Beauty, Toy Story, Zog

Dinosaurs that Pooped…Series, Supertato

Year 1

Me and My World



Books studied:

Espresso clips – Our Body, Polar Express

Great Paper Caper, Ruff

Tin forest, Lost and Found, Zahra

Year 2

Why does Halton have 3 bridges?

If you go down to the woods…

Home or Away?

RNLI/History of seaside holidays/castles.

Books studied:

Iggy Peck the Architect, Dougals Deep Sea Diver, Sea Horse

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, Traditional Tales

Small Knight and George, Lighthouse Keepers Lunch

Year 3

Which ancient Egyptian item or way of life has benefited modern civilisation the most?

Will robots replace humans?

Discovering Delamere Past and Present (Plus Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age Mini Topic)

Books studied:

Egyptian Cinderella

Iron Man, Leon and the Place Between

Stone Age Boy, Stig of the Dump

Year 4


What influence have the Ancient Greeks had on the western world?


How can we be Planet Protectors?


Books studied:

Water Horse, Until I Met Dudley, Cracking Contraptions

Big Blue Whale, The Curious Garden

Gladiator School, Warrior Troll

Year 5


Heroes and Villains

The Mayan Culture

How has Mayan civilisation influenced modern societies?


Why should the rainforests be important to us?

Books studied:

The Lost Happy Endings, Queen of the Falls, The Highwayman

Cosmic, Rain Player

Jungle Book, Vanishing Rainforests, Great Kapok Tree

Year 6

Freedom and Independence

Urban Scene

Who do you think you are?

Books studied:

The Unforgotten Coat, War Horse

King Kong, The Piano, The Promise

The Selfish Giant, Holes


Curriculum Map 2018 2019

Please click on the links below for each year group's plans. 

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

The aim of the curriculum is to motivate and challenge our children to learn through research and experiential learning.  The curriculum is designed to be meaningful to our children within their own contexts and to bring learning to life.   The children write to a pre determined audience so that they are motivated to think carefully about the presentation of their learning.






The children's learning is carefully assessed through planned assessment opportunities.

A Parent's Guide to the curriculum can be accessed here.