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Fairfield Primary

Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning


Our children learn through a programme called Second Step which concentrates on learning which will encourage the development  and enhancement of British values.  We also have a calendar of assemblies that teach our children the ethos and values of our School and of being a good citizen of the 21st century.

Each class performs a class assembly for the school which concentrates on moral development through dance, drama, poetry and singing.  A further programme of assemblies is designed to reinforce the values taught in PSHCE. 

Children are encouraged to reflect upon their own attitude to learning and behaviour towards others each week during their time discussing the Wall of Achievement.  In Year 6 this celebrates excellence in attitudes, effort and thoughtfulness to others through climbing the Class Mountain.  On reaching the top of the mountain, the children receive a Golden Owl which shows the whole school community the high standards of achievement the Year 6 child has made.

We have lots of visitors into school who work closely with us to achieve strong social and emotional learning in our school for example:

  • Family Partnership - children's and families' mental health
  • The Police - safety, road safety
  • School Health