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Fairfield Primary

Chipmunks Nurture

Welcome to our Chipmunks Nurture Class

Our Chipmunks Nurture teacher is Miss Burke and Teaching Assistant is Miss Leather

Nurture is to cherish, care and protect so that people can grow and learn. Nurture involves developing physical, social and emotional resilience in order to allow children and young people to thrive. Nurture is a holistic approach that encourages people to develop healthy relationships.’ 

Nurture is to educate.

Chipmunks Nurture group helps children currently in Years 1 and 2 to access learning at their own level. We do this by offering a balance of educational and domestic experiences aimed at supporting the development of children’s relationships with peers and adults within the setting and help them build resilience for learning and life.

Nurture sessions are organised around a structured timetable with predictable routines. Adults have a caring, consistent and reliable approach to the children. Each child is valued as an individual; the adults notice and praise small achievements wherever possible and these are rewarded. Challenge is positively encouraged and developed and there are strong links to the children’s classroom learning and expectations.

Typical Chipmunks Timetable


Daily Timetable Year 1 and Year 2


Read, Write, Inc Phonics groups




English (writing)


Snack time routine, questions and discussion


Break time




Free choice reward (structured choice of 5)


Return to classes


Lunch time

The Nurture group is a very language rich environment with lots of opportunities for talking and sharing, for learning and social interaction for example, talk partners for sharing work ideas and use of voice recording to support academic progress and sharing breakfast together or snack time, building on conversations, discussions and using manners.

All behaviour is seen a communication and the children are listened to, validated and understood. This is then the basis for a way forward in any conflict resolution or difficult situation that may arise and help the children begin to self-regulate and solve problems and challenges.

Children receive the same curriculum entitlement as their year group peers but this is achieved through a higher children to adult ratio. This enables us to support any academic or anxiety needs well. We do expect children to listen and respond, show resilience, develop independence and transfer their Nurture skills into the classroom setting with support. We will often utilise the schools excellent resources of the outdoors, Imaginarium and Forest School, which both inspires and settles the children ready for learning. Children’s work, achievements and developments are celebrated from both in Robins and their classroom to support transfer of skills and positive praise acknowledgement.


Nurture is about developing the ‘whole child’ to ensure they are

Ready, Respectful and Safe.