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Fairfield Primary

       Junior Road Safety Officers

We have a fantastic trio of Road Safety Officers within our school.

Please re-visit this page regularly to see what they have been up to and how they are trying to keep our school roads safe.

Letter from Our Road Safety Officers:

Dear Driver,


We are the three Junior Road Safety Officers from Fairfield Primary School and we believe that our school roads should be a safe place.  We would appreciate it if you could slow down especially around our school.  There are speed limits and speed bumps around our school for a reason: to keep us safe.  Please, please, please take greater care. 

There are double yellow lines around our school for a reason - again to keep pedestrians and other road users safe. So please don't park on them! We know there are no car parks provided by the school for parents to use so why not park a bit further away from school which would be in a more sensible location and walk the final part.

You may have seen us working with PCSO Andy Collict recently on Peel House Lane. We are trying to educate all drivers, but especially the ones who are caught speeding.  Please don't be the next person we catch with the Speed Trap Gun.  We have also been completing surveys about the use of the Lolly-Pop Lady crossing.  we discovered that almost 75% of all crossings are done using the Lolly-Pop Lady - so well done. Wouldn't it be great if even more could use the safest crossing so we could say people are arriving and leaving our school as safely as possible.  along with safer driving and parking we would all feel a lot safer at the start of the day and at home time.

Please say hello to us if you see us around the school and if you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.


Yours sincerely,


Year 6 Road Safety Officers

 Keep tuned for information on our competition winners.