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An enormous hello and welcome to all of our New Starters for the 2023 2024 Academic Year.  For some of you Fairfield Primary will be a completely new experience and for others you may have been visiting us twice a day dropping off and collecting older brothers and sisters - but to all of you we are so thrilled that you will be joining us and we can not wait to hear about all of the exciting things you have learnt both at home and at Nursery.

At Fairfield Primary, we have a thorough, detailed and smooth transition process for all of our new starters. We will be in touch with you soon regarding details of events and visits. Meanwhile on this website you will find some key information which will help you prepare for joining us at Fairfield Primary. 


 Virtual Tour

Please enjoy a Virtual Tour of Fairfield Primary School and look out for all of the things that you will see during your time in Reception. 



  We look forward to meeting you all soon.

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Additional Useful Links In Preparation For Joining Us In September


Getting ready to use the toilet                       Getting ready to dress


  Getting ready to use a spoon                        Getting ready to use a fork


 Getting ready to look, listen and play         Getting ready to move, sit and 


 Getting ready to throw, catch and               Getting ready to use scissors

                  kick a ball


  Getting ready to write                                     Early years hand skills