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Fairfield Primary

Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to our Year 5 Classes


Teacher: Teacher: Teacher:
Mrs Sheil/Mrs Harrison Miss Griffiths Miss Scott
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Year 5 Curriculum Map  




Our Teaching Assistants are:

Mrs Rogers and Miss Proctor 

Learning outcomes for Year 5

In year 5, the children are encouraged to organise things well including resources and others within a group. They appreciate how learning can happen from mistakes. They know where they learn best and appreciate the range of viewpoints, even when different from their own.

We are effective participators when making suggestions and can break down ideas into small steps. We are prepared to discuss and debate issues until a sensible compromise is reached. Our children love to act as an ambassador for the school as well as supporting other learners as a buddy or mediator.

Year 5 children are expected to be resourceful thinkers through asking questions to check understanding and to be tenacious when things get difficult. They enjoy sorting and classifying information and checking it for clarity. They draw inference and make deductions from a range of sources. They are encouraged to give alternative solutions or explanations.

As reflective learners, the children accept different types of feedback and learn from it. They make good use of time to reflect on what they have learnt. Attitude and behaviour is developed through understanding of how this can affect learning and how they are prepared to adjust.

The children recognise as independent enquirers that sometimes you need expertise from others to help solve a problem. They show that they are confident enough to plan clear steps to improve their learning and choose how to present information in the clearest possible way. They are able to plan a longer activity, breaking it into a manageable number of steps. The children are encouraged to make constructive judgements about each other’s work and set targets for completing tasks and work towards achieving them.

Team work is encouraged for the children to take on a range of roles within a group. The develop resilience by accepting constructive criticism from others in a group to enable improvement in performance. They share a working environment with others and respect their varying needs. They are motivated and motivate others to contribute more effectively. They understand differences in opinions and respond positively.


During Autumn 1 PE days for Year 5 will be Monday and Wednesday.  You will be updated via text and twitter if any changes are made. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing the correct PE kit on these days.  



The children receive new reading books each week.

This is a Guided Reading book that is suited to their reading level and chosen by the teacher, Please ensure that your child has their book and diary at school every day.

Please take time each night to listen to your child read their guided reading book from school (and any other books they may like to read!), this will really boost their confidence and reading skills and is a lovely way of spending calm, quality time together after a busy day.


Every year, the children receive a new reading diary.

They need to write in it every night to say what reading they have done at home. Their teacher will write in it when they have read with them. Please sign your child’s diary every week to let us know that you’ve seen the teacher’s comments.

Here are some useful websites to help you support your chil'd reading at home:

Oxford Owl website with games, activities and tips to help your child at homeWords for Life - Tips for reading for children of all ages: This site has lots of fun, downloadable activities for your children to help them with readingBook Trust - This is a great website, with tips for helping reluctant readers of all ages  

 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Spelling lists are given each week to learn at home.

Please encourage your child to not only learn how to spell the word but to learn what it means and how they would use it in a sentence. Break down the learning of the list of words into two or three words per night to make it more manageable for your child.

Here are some useful websites to support your child’s learning of spelling and grammar at home:

Top Marks - Games to playBBC Bitesize games and activitiesPrimary Homework Help  


In Year 5, we practise speedy recall of mathematical facts e.g. times tables up to 12, addition and subtraction pairs and use these to solve problems.

Here are some useful websites to help your child’s maths learning at home:

Top Marks - Problem Solving GamesTop marks - Mental Maths GamesBBC Bitesize ActivitiesTimes Table Rockstars - Great for practising times tables. Your child has their own personal login that has been shared with them in class.  


Your child will be set different tasks each week.

To consolidate home learning the task is often marked as a class. Please ensure that your child’s book/homework is returned to school on the date stated to them.

Thank you so much for your support, we look forward to working together with you all to provide the best education for our children.

Year 5 Parent Booklet Autumn 2023/24